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Building Inspection Services in Melbourne

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Perfect for people who are thinking of buying their own home

Handover Inspections
Should be availed of before  handover of a newly-built home

Retrospective Approvals
For extensions or additional structures built without your local council approva which is required.

Vendor Inspections
If you are planning to sell your home.
Builder Warranty Inspections
A must-have inspection before the expiration of your building warranty (6 years from completion of construction).
Structural Assessment
Determines the structural integrity  of your property.

Owner Builder Warranty
When an owner builder plans to sell his home and needs to get a builder warranty insurance.  The insurance company will require a defects report which we will provide.

Timber Pest Inspection
This inspection will help determine timber pest infestation in your property.  You will also receive advice or recommendations on how to treat the problem.

Design Services

If you are building a new house. planning for home alteration or getting a building Code compliance report for residential or commercial development.